Thursday, June 5, 2008

Think again before you dump your old blog

I was comparing My Blog Log's traffic statistics when I was actively blogging against the time I was non-active and the results were very surprising.
My first blog entry was in 22 May 2007 My traffic hit a peak in June 2007 partly because I was actively promoting my site. Traffic begin to decline thereafter as I updated my blog less frequently before completely stopping on 9 October 2007. This results were expected. However, I have expected my traffic to fall even further after October but to my surprised, it actually begin to increase steadily.

I did a quick calculation: during my active period from May 07 to Sep 07, I had a monthly average of 375 page views and 284 unique visitors. During my non-active period from Oct 08 to May 08, my monthly average page views and unique visitors are 371 and 304 respectively. While The number of returning visitors drop, the page views remain constant but the number of unique visitors actually rises!

This made me ponder. There must be something in my blog that I'm actually doing right. As of now, a smart guess is my URL (it is very similar to the mybloglog social bookmarking website) and the other could be some of my articles must be really sort after. I will have to investigate further but a simple manner to identify my most popular posts is to check how many comments I received.

If you have any old blogs that you have been neglecting for a long time or simply forgotten about them, my advice is to dig them out and take a look at them. It won't take you much time or effort but the results in discovering a gem among them is priceless.

And if that isn't enough incentive for you, here's my current page rank now. :)
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  1. App said...
    You have Google Analytics, so that should tell you not only which are the popular pages on your blog, but also where all your traffic is coming from and what keywords is bringing it in.

    Google tends to favor older blogs with more posts when it comes to sending traffic, rather than those newer splogs that keep popping up.

    I have noticed an increase in traffic on my own personal blog, as well, and the keywords bringing in traffic are rather odd, as well as the pages people are landing on.

    I have also noticed an increase in traffic on a blog I started way back with the intentions of reviewing software that will run on older slower pc's, in which I only wrote 2 or 3 reviews. That's a pretty empty blog, but it is getting a lot of traffic.
    Derek said...
    Hi App,

    Thanks for the reminder. It has been so long that I almost forget that I'm using Google Analytics. I have a haunch that my most popular posts are those with coding in it. I will write another article on that once I have verified it.

    Jennifer Ng Lee Ting said...
    Thanks for sharing ;)
    Server said...
    Good Luck Bro.

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