Saturday, June 2, 2007

The PC Show 2007 - The Great Gizmo Sale (May 31st - June 3rd)

The PC Show, Singapore’s Longest Running Microcomputer Show opened to throngs of bargain hunters. By 6pm on the first day, the 150,000 people who had been the doors had blown about S$2 milion on tech buys.

I have uploaded some pictures taken by hardwarezone during the first day.

If your like the pictures, please drop me a comment and I will upload more.

Click here on how to create a slideshow.

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How can I embed a slideshow into my blog or webpage?

I believe most of us have many pictures which we would like to share with others. However if we were to show each picture individually, it will take a long time for our site to load. Creating a slideshow will reduce the waiting period and you can even add in some cool features.

I have explored two imaging hosting sites - Picasa and Photobucket. One is back by Google and the other by MySpace. Photobucket offers more interesting features than Picasa but it takes a little more time to load. Click here for an example of a site using Photobucket slideshow.

I'm using Picasa to embed my slide show. You can see an example here.

Embedding Picasa slideshow into your blog or website

Using Picasa Web Albums you can create a Flash slideshow to embed in your blog or webpage. To do this, click the Embed Slideshow link on your album page. This creates a Flash slideshow from the album you've selected. When you update this album, your slideshow is automatically updated to show the latest photos.

To embed the slideshow, copy and paste the HTML code we show you into your blog or webpage. The slideshow features built-in playback controls, size options, and the ability to display captions.

Note: If you do not see the "Embed Slideshow" in the left column, goto your user settings on the top right and make sure that your Language Preference is "English (United States)". I spent quite some time figuring it out before I found the solution in a forum.

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