Monday, June 2, 2008

The Return of My Blog Log

It has been 8 months since I last updated My Blog Log and I have almost given it up for dead. However, out of the blue I received an email from a social bookmarking site - SocialMatic that my site has been featured. Naturally, I was dubious. How can a blog that has been stagnant for 8 months be suddenly featured in a website? I visited SocialMatic and my doubts were proven true.

On first look, the website is littered with Google Ads and the all familiar box asking you for your name and email address. It's not difficult to guess that it's just another site trying to squeeze as much advertising money as possible. I did a search for my site and I couldn't find it. Before jumping to any conclusions, I'm waiting for Jeanette (from SocialMatic Team who notify me on the inclusion of my site) reply for the URL link that shows my site.

While registering for an account, the site seems distinctively local. It's not hard for a Singaporean to spot his fellow country man and I decided to do a quick check. The results were right. SocialMatic is registered in Singapore under the name Alvin Phang. If you have not heard of him, simply do a quick search on his name. Hats off to him, Google rank him #1.
It's getting obvious that SocialMatic is nothing more than another tool for Alvin to make more money online. I've nothing against SocialMatic since my blog is also about making money online. In fact I'm pleased that he's probably one of the first few locals to start a site like this. However, the presentation of his site and the manner in which I was contacted makes me feel that he is more interested in making as much money as possible rather than building a quality site that can really help improve bloggers' traffic. Nevertheless, I will still like to thank SocialMatic for rekindling my interest in this blog.