Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My BlogRush Account

I got my BlogRush account approve within 48hrs.

Below is an abstract of their email to me.

* We have already rejected a lot
of blogs (several thousand) that do
not meet our strict quality guidelines
and we will continue to enforce our
detailed criteria in order to protect the
integrity of our network.
Sounds like boasting to me but I do believe that many blogs have registered to be part of BlogRush network. "Free" is indeed a very attractive factor.

Some comments:
  • Their Dashboard is still under construction.
  • I tried clicking on the links in BlogRush and some of them took a very long time to load - maybe its a sign that that the site is swarming with traffic or that there's a problem with BlogRush.
  • As for the relevancy, it's still alright but I'm beginning to think that BlogRush uses the Blog Category that you select rather than your content for matching.