Monday, June 11, 2007

My Blog Log (Mon 11 June 2007)

Been a pretty busy week. I have finally set up My Personal Finance Blog. Traffic is pretty ok. I get about 50 unique visitors a day. On top of my tracking my own finance, I hope to provide more information on everyday financial products, stocks and investments. I have contacted a few like-minded bloggers and has obtained permission from them to post their articles in my blog.

I have added Nuffnang ads into my finance blog so that I can do a comparison between Nuffnang and Advertlets. One difference that I have discovered is that you must put your Nuffnang ads in specific areas of your site. It takes a longer time to load and I think it looks really horrible on my finance blog. I will decide weather to take it down only after I receive the amount Nuffnang will pay me - that will take a week.

I also started on another few sites.
The Best Of Clickbank
The Worst Of Clickbank
Men's Fashion Blog

While I would like to concentrate on all of them, time permits me to only concentrate on a few. I'm not going to sacrifice quality for quantity.

Recommended: Super Affiliate Handbook.

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