Monday, June 11, 2007

Creating A Blog Poll

Creating a poll in your blog is a good way to generate views and opinions for your blog or a particular question. This works well especially for readers who do not like to be identified or find it a hassle to leave a comment. Here are a few popular free blog polls that I have personally tried. Free free to add on if it is not listed here.

If you do a search for "free blog poll" in Google, blogpoll is listed number one. It's not difficult to understand why - no registration needed and a simple and user-friendly interface (3 simple steps and you are done). However I did not use this in as I had some problems in blending the design to my blog.

It has a very sleek webpage as compared to the others. What makes it unique is that they can create your own custom style (using html) or choose among the 14 (as of 11 June '07) different designs (polldaddy call it skins). It even has a RSS feed for your poll and offers a poll in flash. I had a problem adjusting the column width and I only realized recently that I have to edit the html code. Customization may be a little difficult but definitely an interesting prospect for the future.

blogflux poll
The poll that I'm currently using for my personal finance blog. It does not have as much features as poll daddy but it doesn't offer something interesting - a map of where your voters came from. It can be a useful tracking tool.

I have not tried this but if you interested in setting up a poll in a single page, this is the one for you.
Not to be confused with blogpoll. This will be of particular interest to monetizing bloggers' - When your readers vote, they’ll see the results where you placed a banner ad (such as BlogAds), or a network banner ad (such as Google Adsense). However, I strongly recommend that you check with the respective advertisers if it comply with their terms of service before putting them in your blog.

Which blog poll to use depends on your preference, if you want something simple and straight forward, blogpoll is the one for you. If you want a something extra, you can choose between polldaddy and blogflux poll and if you want to have more ad space, you can try BlogPolls.

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  1. Shingo T said...
    Thanks for the poll creation info, Derek.
    angrezy said...
    Polly Daddy is very good poll hosting system.
    I have free account with them, the best thing is you can add images to yout blog and customise the widget that suits your website design.
    Look at my website( ) i have added a poll.
    SurveyTool said...
    You have a great blog! I'll be sure to bookmark it and visit regularly, keep up the great work!

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