Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AdSense - An internal error occured. Please try again.

Anyone experience this error? I had and it was frustrating but fortunately, the solution is pretty simple.

Solution 1
Log into your AdSense account, generate the code and under Template, Page Element, add the code into your HTML/ JavaScript page element. Sounds pretty simple ya but when I was starting out, I thought that the only way to link to AdSense is via the page element.

Solution 2 (may not work)
Adding the code manually can be very tiresome. Since Google created AdSense to work with blogger, we should make full use of it.

  • Log out from all Google accounts.
  • Enter the following into your browser
    Replace XXXXX with your blog ID. Every Blog that you create has its own blogID - refer to the screenshot below on where you can find your Blog ID.


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