Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Rise Of Asian Bloggers

I may have only started blogging recently but a good majority of my friends in the blogging community are from Asia. I have stumbled upon many other blog sites from Americas and Europe but they are mostly out-dated. I can't help but wonder if the majority of the active bloggers are indeed coming from Asia.

Source: Serene Luo - Digital Life
"A recent survey by communications planning firm Universal McCann (UM) revealed that netizens from China, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines had the most active blogospheres.

However, countries such as the United States, Germany and Britain which use to dominate the blogging world has less vibrant blogospheres now.

The survey was done with 10,000 respondents in 21 countries, most of them major advertising markets across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Base on the survey, more than 85 per cent of all respondents from China and South Korea were reading blogs, comparing to less than 15 per cent in Germany. In terms of other kinds of social media such as podcasting or the sharing of photos and video clips, Asia also outside the rest of the world."

The chart (abstracted from Digital Life) caught me by surprise. There are less than 20% read blogs in Germany for the last 6 months as compared to 90% in South Korea. I am very dubious of such a finding. While I do agree that the number of bloggers in Asia has indeed increase, the difference is too great. Blog tracking is very difficult - what qualifies to be a read blog?

Base on UM survey, I assume that as more people from Asia are introduced to blogging, hence the sudden surge in blogs. With more blogs, naturally more people will read them.

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  1. Bobby Revell said...
    There are great bloggers from everywhere, and yes tons from Asia. I see it as a positive thing. I want to see people from every place on Earth from all ages. It's the intellectual and educational pastime of millions. I say I will make millions of new Asian friends!
    Tim said...
    Asia is coming! But I also think that there are great blogs from all around the world, maybe its that Asia has a lot more potential web users (and bloggers too then)

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